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Red's Bas(s/e)

Hate everything, 
If I was decimated, it would be for the better of myself, and my future, for they would not need to struggle with the weight of what horrors this world is entirely composed of.

The moment you realize

you are wrong in your ways, and your days are numbered

Starting up Drawing again

Starting with a Red pic. Any other suggestions? I’ll get around to some other suggestions that I got a while ago as well.

Who’s out there on this great, cold night?

So I saved up for a PSVita right? It was my last saturday off of summer right?

I went and bought a brand new one at gamestop. It included a new system as well as 4 free games and a year of free playstation plus. It turns out that someone else used all the codes for the games and the playstation plus, put their information in the memory card so I couldn’t access playstation store or playstation network (allowing me not to be able to download games), and rendered the system totally useless. 
So I spent the last saturday of summer factory resetting, formatting, contacting customer service, and resetting again. Now I have to exchange it..



Got a PSone


I apoligize for my absense over the last 2 years. There was and still is tension in the family, but it is finally come to a head, and my parents are probably going to split now  by the sounds of it. I can finally return to all of you, you wonderful people. It’s great to be back.

I’m back for good.